Day Trading Chart Patterns

Candlestick Chart Analysis

Understanding how to read a candlestick chart analysis is crucial in order to identify chart patterns.


A breakout is said to occur when the price of a security moves out of theĀ resistance and support level.

Resistance: the price at which the market is met with an increase of supply thus preventing any further price increase.

Support: the price at which the market is met with a decrease in supply thus preventing any further price decrease.

Pennant Pattern

The pennant chart pattern has the appearance of a pennant flag.

Morning Consolidation

The morning consolidation chart pattern can easily be identified and occurs within the first hour of market open.

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Hammer Candlestick

The Flag


The Holy Grail of Options Trading Books

So here are a list of my favourite trading books out there.

This page last updated on August 26, 2017.

Day Trading for Dummies

Gives you the main gist about day trading. As a beginner, this will set you up great for the rest + its a quick and easy read.

Options as a Strategic Investment: Fifth Edition

OK, so this book takes a huge dive into options trading.